Sunday, September 21

Show Time


If you live in Melbourne you will know its school holidays, and it's also show time.

They Royal Melbourne Show. It's something we can't ignore every year or pretend it's not on, because at about 9pm for 10 nights Jack gets to see fireworks outside his bedroom window. Even if the blinds are down...he can still hear them. Some may be suprised he's still awake at that time..but he is a bit of a reader at night. Most nights he's fallen asleep on a book!

A few years ago I exhibited my 'first go' at crocheting in the show. It was a blanket I'd made for Jack. It didn't really fit into any of their categories - as it was made from op-shop and recylced wool. It didn't win...but it did get displayed. I've circled it in red so you can see! I'm glad to see that they have now added this as a category.

Jack's Blanket

Anyway...will probably go to the show on Thursday and see all the usual - decorated cakes, flying pigs, wood chopping, dogem cars, big pie and maybe the McKay Brothers cows.

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