Saturday, September 27 it better in the spring or autumn?

the smell of the flowers (especially at dusk)
the pollen, plane & birch trees. Hay fever...hate it. Thank goodness for all the drugs you can get.
footy nearly finished (Go Hawks!)

dinner in the park
perfect temperatures

The other day I popped into D's house (which he rents from the lovely Meg) to drop off Jack's bike. Nobody was home -
but wow...the orange trees are going great. I nicked a few. They were juicy and delicious.Meg & Nicks oranges
I love taking quirky photos. this is Zoe's hand at the immigration museum a few weeks ago

Zoe and a rainbowI know that some people like to hide their washing from view. I like to see it...make the house feel like home



Hollabee said...

Hi Fiona,

Thanks for your comment on the ink & spindle blog. We might join market 3031...if we can get enough stock ready..but we're definitely thinking about it ;)

Suse said...

Ah you do have a rainbow too!

And seeing the comment above me, I have to put in that I used to live in postcode 3031 :)