Monday, September 15

nearly better....well almost!

Has every child in our little village been sick in the last week? Angus only had 6 children in his class on Friday. As predicted I'm next!
I did have an interesting week though.
I went to the old Royal Women's Hospital site - they auctioned all the old furniture, beds, desks..... I got some old stools that I think would have been used in theatre. I understand why the health system is stuffed...most stuff went for a bargain. Then they probably went and got all new furniture. Other bidders were The Junk Company and Max from Industria
peppermint Check out this new mag Peppermint - I got a copy at Rose Street Market.

Night-Night Mushroom
How cute is this!
Flying Star Toys

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handmade romance said...

Wow wish I had of know about the auction although it is a shame the health system is stuffed.
Ive also got a copy of pepermint mag - some good info in there!
Thanks for sharing Flying Star Toys too - what treasures!