Friday, September 5

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School had their biannual art auction last night.
My donation was hotly bit on - jump on etsy if you missed out!
sewhum pencil case<span class= As part of the art show there was some great stuff put on the bike shed!
bike shed art
more bike shed art
In the post this week I got my first online book.
Thanks Natalie from Arthur's circus for telling me about fishpond -
the Australian version of amazon
new book

Yesterday was a big day!
I went on a school excursion to the Immigration Museum....

60+ preps, on the train, then a walk along the river, have a look around, then back on the train to school - wow. I was exhausted...they were stuffed!!
The photo is yet another bad photo of Jack (silly cheesy smile) - they had to find there name withing the list of immigrants.

If you get a chance go and see the Kimono exhibition - on until the 14 September.

Jack @ museum Today Angus is 8 - where drums a good idea?
Angus on drums!

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