Tuesday, January 11


It could be if:
* there was some sort of capital infrastructure - like proper roads, sewage, regular electricity supply.
* there wasn't so many unsavoury middle aged western men with less than good intentions.
* there was more places to educated children, then employ them once they became adults - for a proper wage.

The beaches look ideal. At sunset local kids get to play on the huge floating things in the water.

We wouldn't see these back home - the public liability would be too high! Instead come to a 3rd world county with no health care and take your chances!The huts along the beach behind Zoe are all individual bars with bad 90's music blasting from the speakers, with menus of fried food & booze. Once you sit down you will be inundated by ladies trying to sell you a massage, manicure, pedicure, leg wax, or fruit. If not it will be the kids trying to sell you friendship bracelets they made for you. If you tell them your name they will whip you up a personalised one before you can blink. Then tell you that you have to buy it.
Don't - it's keeping them on the beach and out of school.
The sunsets are lovely thought!

This is Anita. She has grown since she first was given her blanket, but she still uses it for sleep time! The cotton is warm but cool - because she sleeps with a fan next to her bed.

I have recovered from my upset stomach and spent the day in 5 star luxury instead of the squalor and filth that is everywhere in this sea side town.

Zoe and I paid for the privilege of an afternoon at Sohka Resort today.
If you look closely at the photo below there is a tiny dot on the roof near the palm trees to the right.
This was a guy who was painting the roof. He was there most of the time we were there.
I think he has a harness - but what was it attached to?
Of course I was still hard at work while Zoe swam - finding new suppliers for the shop!

Later in the afternoon the 'crew' all when down to the beach for a play
Anita & Anie (Pare in orange to left)
Anita (unlike her dad) loves the sand! And all her bling!
And spending a bit of time with her big cousin Zoe - also a sand lover
Mickey Joe & Peter saying hi!
She looks Italian to me - where did all those curls come from?
Then back at home - just after the power shut down. The kids are eating ice-cream

Back off to Phnom Penh tomorrow on the bus.......front row!

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angela said...

WOW! It looks like you are having lots of fun. Hot too - so far from here (minus 9). Have a great time, A