Saturday, January 8

A long bus trip...

Yesterday we went from Phnom Penh to Sihanouk Ville on the Mekong Express Bus.
We got the last 2 tickets - back row. It was never going to be a good trip. After a 5+ hour tip we arrived in Sihanouk Ville and got a tuk tuk to our hotel. They moved the bus stop to the other end of we got there eventually.

We then meet up with Peter - who had arrived a few hours before us after a hair-raising taxi for the 4 - 5 hour trip ($40)
Z & I were both pretty stuffed. Went and had a quick bit to eat....
We have been throwing up ever since! Would like any advise at this point on Cambodian Belly!
I just ate my first bit of food for 24 hours - cornflakes & milk that I purchased at the Orange Mart down town.

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday during our travels

Fast Food Khmer style
A full load setting off from the market
At least they both are wearing helmets
One of the small towns on the idea of rubbish collection
Need a dentist? take a close look at the blue sign!
It's shift finish at one of the many clothing factories along the way. All the workers seem to be women. There were lots of similar factories along the way
The half way point in the trip - a chance to take in the view and give Alms to the gods
So giggling girls posing for my camers
These children were playing music for the passing travellers - it was quite beautiful.

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