Sunday, November 15

Peters Place

This is the beautiful Anita (with her new blanket) She is a very happy baby who spends lots of time swinging in her hammock.

You may think this looks like 'Starbucks'.....same same....but different. This is 'The Terrace'. It has half decent coffee - and wireless Internet. It's only taken me 6 days to discover this!
Nothing happens fast around here.

Yesterday we went to the Central Market. Anie, Ma, Par, Pundit, Mickey and myself.
It was hot, Mickey cried 80% of the time and Anie is a major bargain hunter. She will not buy anything for more 55% off the original price (which to me was pretty cheap to start with)

We stopped for a bit to eat - couldn't tell you what it was. Looked like jellyfish with worms sitting in coconut milk then topped with shaved ice. Yum! I declined this little treat, buy everyone else got stuck in!

On the way out there was a quick snack stop. They look like cockroaches to me - who knows. You do have to take the legs off because they have little barbs on them.
Again everyone (but me) got stuck in to theses little treats.

This is a photo at Peter's House. Anita with Anie, Peter at the back and Anie's mum Ma to the right


angela said...

Hi there, I'm really enjoying your posts, so keep them coming. (I keep forgetting my password, so don't post a comment often enough!). Looking forward to hearing more..
love Ang

Hillsyde said...

Gorgeous baby (and blanket). Love Stace