Sunday, November 22

For Angela

1200......That's how many photos I took while I was away. Most of them aren't that great. Just a reminder of my travels. I am in the process of unloading them onto flickr. You can look at them here, if your got a couple of hours!

It is a bit scary getting back to real life. 166 emails & 25 phone messages to sort through (and I have not even been to work yet)

I have come to realise that home is pretty important....more particular the people around me. I was quite homesick towards the end of my trip.

I managed to pack a fair bit into my 18 days. There were some highlights though.

Catching up with Meg (and Amelia) in Bangkok.

She brought along her beautiful Babbette blanket that she has been making for Jules!

It is inspiring stuff.....well done.

The place I'd like to go back to...

Luang Prabang.

It was tranquil, calm, clean, friendly.

Below is a photo I took of a young monk adjusting his robes while collecting alms of rice in the early morning.

This photo was taken near the local market just our of the main part of town.