Wednesday, November 11

Back in Cambodia....

I am now in Cambodia! Staying with my brother - Peter and his family. At last count this was about 9 people. They are now living in a very nice house in sort of a compound - as there if a few guards at the front gate to get in. It means that it is really safe for the kids.....particularly as where they are only their immediate neighbours drive past. So the street is a bit of a playground. This is especially true at 'Happy Hour' when all the kids from the area get on their bikes and scooters and ride up and down the street before dinner.
I am still having a few issues downloading photos - so stay tuned.
I gave Anita the blanket I crocheted for her, and a little babushka doll. It was well received by all.
A picture tells a thousand words so - will let them do the talking

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