Sunday, November 8

More Bangkok....Thanks Meg

This Internet thing is everywhere....but better if you have your own laptop with you. As I don't it takes a little longer to find a computer that was made in the 21st century that has a USB port.

Well an update. Meg & Amelia took me back to China Town for some serious shopping. they took me to tourist free zones....loved it. Especially because they were both able to do the talking for me!

I bought some beautiful linen from this shop. The guy was great - he gave me little swatches of all the colours to take home. I will post his shop details later.
Next it was off to the secret fabric shop at the back of a shop. You would NEVER find this if you didn't know it was there.
It was dusty, with cobweb 100's of years old hanging from the ceiling. But soooo much fabric. Liberty, made in Japan stuff....amazing.

Then it was time for a bit of serenity........
We went to Jim Thompson House. The place was beautiful. It couldn't have been any different to the bustle of China Town.

As Meg was leaving to go back home Angela arrived! We went and had a few drinks then went out to
Suan Lum Night Bazaar. Weird and wonderful things there.
Fancy a fish spa??? Freaky!
It was soon time to go of to Lao - Luang Prabang....but not before spotting some Broccoli Chips at the airport. Who thought they would be a good idea?

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Tania said...

Wow. I'd like your adventure. Though I reckon I'd need to be pushed to do the fish spa. Ew!