Wednesday, November 4

Bangkok....full on!

I arrived in Bangkok this morning. Weather wasn't too bad. Managed to navigate my way to the airport shuttle bus - then a tuk tuk to my hotel. Amazing room with a balcony looking out onto the city. I then started wondering around.
Basically I got completely lost. Every time I asked someone where I was I got a different way off! So I just walked around some part of China Town. I eventually found a guy who spoke English & knew where he was! And eventually found my way back to the hotel.

I stood and watched these guys cooking dumpling type creations - yum and only 40Bh.

That pink bike on the end looks like one Barbie would use.
One of the shops I found sold cake decorations & cooking supplies
At some point in my walkabout I stumbled down a small lane....

The photos can't possibly give you the real picture. It was hot(ish), smelly, crammed with boys (very camp ones) and girls. It was just full on.
I did get a few bits. But Meg is going to show me tomorrow how the hell I got there! Love to here your Bangkok secrets.


Hillsyde said...

I just love how much craft gets us so excited! It gives new cities familiarity, purchases a focus and things to make even when our adventure is over!

Hillsyde said...

I can already picture some of that great stuff arranged neatly in your habbie cupboard. Give Meg a huge hug for me.

angela said...

I'm so glad you've arrived safely and wasted no time in getting out and about and discovering great things to see and do! (some things just don't change!) Love to Meg xxx

Tamara said...

Oh my, look at all those ribbons, I could have fun there!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.