Monday, November 2

I'm off....

A Plane Moon, originally uploaded by andrewsayer.

Well nearly. I didn't expect to send a post off this early ...but anyway I am.

If you know me you would know I am not backwards in coming forwards. So anyway I had 2 hours to kill before my 1am flight leaves. I saw the sign pointing to the Cathay Pacific's Lounge. I went in the door, asked very nicely if I could come in as it is late and they might not be too busy. Well the lovely bloke at the desk said YES. so here I am killing time blogging in style, drinking tea, and sitting in a much more comfortable chair that I am suppose to be.

I can't believe they still sell Coogie Jumpers still!!!! How Kath & Kim.


Serena said...

Its one of those freaky rules of nature.

You ALWAYS see Coogee jumpers at airports (particularly Australian ones).

Just like those red/white/blue stripey bags on the luggage reclaim conveyer belts that you get from the Reject Shop for $2.

hillsyde said...

Well done FMB, you deserve time in the Cathay lounge but did you realise they do serve alcohol! Actually, I can just see you with your cuppa..have a ball, see you when we get back.