Sunday, July 6

Same Same.........But Different

Jack is becoming an expert at sleeping anywhere! This was waiting for dinner in Hong Kong. But he has done it on all forms of transport too......planes, trains, buses.
Angela took us out to 'Rat Alley' in Central (Hong Kong) for dinner; to a curry place of all things. 'Elvis' was one of the guys who gets the customers in! The kids loved him.

Zoe, Jack and Me out the front to Fantasyland. Look at the big dark rain clouds behind us; not long before they rolled in and soak us once again.
Finding a computer from this Millennium is proving to be a challenge. Once I do, more photos to come.
Today we arrived back in PP.
It's amazing how quickly you can get used to a place. I was terrified of the traffic a week ago. Today I went on the back of a Motto (vesper), saw 2 accidents happen in front of us, was able to hold on with just one hand, and the whole time was cool calm and collected.
The food area at the Russian Market however was another matter. Nearly lost my lunch a few times. The meat out in the sun and heat all day is enough to make anyone a Vegetarian.
The kids and I have been having a competition to see who can see a Motto with the most amount of people on it. Peter says he's seen 9. The other day I say a newborn being cradled by the passenger. But today in PP I saw one with 7. Will post the photo soon.
Mum however tells me she saw a block carrying a pool table on the back of one. No photo unfortunately. And it wasn't a full size one!
In case your wondering. Same Same.......but different.
It's from a t-shirt I bought at the market today for Angus


meg's threads said...

I love that line. It took me straight back to our time there. It was so nice to read your blog. I have been wondering how you have been everyday. Great to see your pics! Hope Thailand is good now. Pete's party today - everyone is a little over excited... & then off to inverloch. I think that I could happily send them & stay here... Enjoy!

angela said...

Hi Fiona, great to hear you are all having such fun on your adventure! love Angela