Wednesday, July 16


The day after we arrived in Sihanokville we finally met 'Mickey Joe', Anie and the rest of the family. As I mentioned in an earlier posting...he looks a lot like Peter. He has a piece of string around his neck and one around his wrist (all from Buddha). And for someone who is only 8 weeks old incredibility strong and alert.

Did not take long for Nana to get a cuddle and get to know her latest of her 6 grandchildren.

This photo was taken at Peter and Anie's house.

Despite the language barrier it took very little time for the kids to all start playing together.
The pool was a great place to all cool off.

Jack decided he could teach the boys how to play chess....

....and rock, paper, scissors - no worries!

'Little Fish', Jack and Pudit having a look at game boy.

On our last night we all went to Treasure Island restaurant for a delicious meal and a great laugh together.

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