Wednesday, July 16

How many people can you fit on a moto?

You do have to look closely and count all the heads - but seven was my highest count!

Peter (my brother) said he has seen nine ... I say "show me the photo".

But I do think Mum won.
She saw someone carring a pool table on the back of their bike.
She followed it up with "But it wasn't a full size one!"

Well - we got picked up from the airport in a tuk tuk.
Angus got to help drive it all the way to the hotel.
I did start to get a bit worried when the driver started talking on the phone.

This was our first experience in Cambodian traffic. It was pretty scary. But within a week I was jumping on and off motos, holding on with one hand and not even flinching when confronted with a moto pile up.

Peter is currently getting around on his dirtbike.

His car has broken down.... and is resting in a side street in downtown.
Each night it is out on its own it looses more "bits".
He better get that sorted out or there will be nothing left of it soon.

Peter told me a funny story of the bloke that took up residence in his car. He was living in it for about 4 days, and wouldn't leave. So if the family wanted to go somewere in their car they had to take him with them!

Angus and I did a bit of shopping - in style!

When we got to the capital I noticed there were a couple on a moto with what looked like a baby.

But no. On closer inspection there were two babies. I just couldn't work out who was holding the second child!

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SewAmy said...

omg, I only saw 7, but I can't believe that THAT many fit on that bike. LOL what a woot.