Friday, July 4



We have made it to Sihanouk Ville.
It is too hard to put into words. Friendly, dirty, poor, happy, wet and hot.

I'm sitting in an internet cafe in the downtown area. Keyboard gets stuck a lot.

We have spent every day visiting Peter and his extended family. My 3 children and the 3 that live at his place are now great friends - dispite the lauguage barrier. This does not really seam to exist when children play.

Besides Peter and Anie and their new baby (Michael) Joe, there are 3 other children living at their house.
Pa, who is 15 yrs old, comes from Phnon Penh (PP) and is Anie's cousin.

Punit (probably spelt incorrenctly) is Annie's 4 yr old son, who is a bit grumpy at times, especially when Jack tries to take the football away.
Lastly there is Aswhat or ''Skinny Frog" (Rut is his real name) is also staying with them. He is about 2 yrs old. His ''parents" live in PP but do not work at the he stays with Peter and Anie. Peter says he does not cost much to look after. I disagree. Last night we all went to dinner at Treasure Island resturant down on the beach. Skinny Frog ate more food than anyone else there....including the adults.

Anie's mum also lives with them "'Mai". She and my mum have been ''connecting''. The other night at their house she gave mum a ''massage'. I think mum's scared of her now!

There are lots of photos I wanted to post - but will have to do it later when I get onto a newer computer that has the correct connections.

My internet time is running out and I have some more shopping to do before rest time. I think the mozzies are attaching me as well.

By the way - Hong Kong - amazing! hot, clean and great shopping. Connex could learn a lot from them.

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