Sunday, May 4

Rain, Rainbows and Radio

I am count downing to Cambodia. In the next school holidays I am taking the kids and mum to Cambodia to visit Peter (my brother) who is about to become a dad for the first time! He's been over there for a while now running a hotel with a friend. The photo above is of Peter's car outside in the rain about a year ago - hopefully we'll get a bit of beach weather!

I love colour. I also love order!

You can spend a lot of time sorting things....but if my desk, room, house, car etc tidy & 'sorted' my mind is too.

This week I have been making something from the 'last minute patchwork gift' book. Pencil case rolls - which I hope will sell once they are finish - either on Etsy or at the Rose St Market where I will be having a stall in August

Did you know it was 'walk to school' day last Friday? Well Jack got to talk to Hughies & Kate from Nova 100....with a little help from Drew Petrie from North Melbourne Footy Club. They then walked to school together with Zoe, Angus, Frank, John & Pete!

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