Monday, May 4

Sunday Finds...

Today I ventured East and went to the Camberwell Market
As I may have mentioned before, I've been going here for over 30 years. 
I used to ride my bike over from Kew in my mid teens. 
I have bought so much stuff here over the years. 
I love to barter - in fact I can't help but ask for a better price. 
I've always found that if I go there looking for something in particular 
I usually find it - 
even if I've never seen one of 'insert thing l'm looking for' there before. 
Below are some of todays finds.
These days I prefer to just take photos of the stuff I like or that catches my eye.

Japanese Dinner Set

Lego - Simpsons / Star Wars People

Colourful Glasses
 There is a bloke I see there occasionally - Rocky. He sells secondhand stuff / antiques and nicknacks.
But he is also quite an artist. A few years ago he was making brooches out of old rulers - in the shape of animals. They were very cute. Anyway today he had these amazing flowers for sale. Made from old bits of metal he has created a garden of flowers.
Rocky's Metal Flowers
Flower close up
Flowers Made from Scraps of Metal
Rocky - Artist & Creator

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