Saturday, April 25

Anzac Day - Quilt

This morning I went to watch the Anzac Day march in Melbourne. 
It was cold & wet. It was great to see a few old diggers in vintage cars, a few walking with family - hard to even imagine what they went through. 
And walking through a field of #5000poppies was amazing.

That was this morning. 

Now I'm in the throws of finally cutting up the fabric for my orange quilt. 
I've been collecting fabric for a while, but got some beautiful fat quarters in Japan recently. 
I always wash my fabric first. 
Then iron it while it's still wet. 

I've cut strips of 2" x 11". 

I'm creating a chevron quilt. 
But I've had to stop for the day - my rotary cutter is blunt!!!
Stay tuned. 

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