Saturday, January 2

Time for a renovation

Is this the year I get my S___ together??
I have so much STUFF......despite trying pretty hard this year to cull a lot of it. But I keep getting more.
Do I really need the 2 muffin trays that make 12 muffins each that mum palmed off to me the other day.
Nor to I need any more jigsaw puzzles.
Jack has only just done the one he got for his birthday in June. And the 1000 piece one he got for Christmas will take a while.
I have to be more brutal.....get rid of more stuff.
I am planning on extending my house this a lot of 'stuff' will need to go into storage anyway. I'm collecting put all the 'stuff' into. Maybe I should be chucking more.
The problem is I have too many hobbies. Crochet, Knitting (though not lately), Drawing, Painting, Sewing, Embroidering......they are the ones I can think of right now.

I would like to try and use my blog this year to share my skills with you........not sure if I have many to share though.
I can do crochet.......

Anyway for me.................2010 means

declutter (more)
renovate house
paint much more
get a job
get a more interesting blog
go to cambodia again

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tess said...

If there is something that you want/need to buy, then sell 1 or more things to cover the cost. That's my hot tip for managing the mountain of stuff (and saving $!)