Friday, January 1

2010 - a new year

Last night the kids and I went to Williamstown beach to try and get out of the repressive Melbourne heat.
It didn't really happen.
It was still about 38 at 8pm.
We then headed off to The Strand to watch the fireworks. This was our view at about 8.40pm. The Blue moon is just rising above the skyline, and the ominous grey rain clouds are getting ready to burst open.
This happened about 15 minutes later.....when people where running out of the rain.
We did get to see a few fireworks.
But the kids enjoyed the flares and car honking by all of the 'revellers' more.

Anyway have a happy and crafty year.


Serena said...

Fantastic photo!!

I got one also but from an apartment in the city, so nowhere near as amazing as yours!! (I'll try and post mine in the next couple of days)

.girl ferment. said...

and you too