Tuesday, June 16

I've been making lots of crochet flowers lately.
I'm looking for ideas for what to do with them........what do you think. All suggestions welcome.
Today I took a short cut thought the Exhibition Gardens. This is an amazing fountain. There were exams going on - calculus apparently. Does anyone else remember sitting in there with nearly a million others.

I took this photos while driving past a few nights ago. Little Audrey is her name. I bit blury.


CurlyPops said...

The flowers are beautiful. I have a bit of a brooch addiction so I would turn them into brooches. But, they look so pretty all together in a bunch that I would get some wire to create stems, attach the flowers (not quite sure how), and then put them in a vase. They would look exquisite as a table centrepiece.

meg dunley said...

I agree - but you know my addiction to brooches too! Maybe a cluster of them? Three is always a good number when put together (I wore 3 brooches today!) You could then pin them on anything :)

~*"*Dia*"*~ said...

Hi there! I see the video on your sidebar is quite big. If you want to make it smaller, try editing the code you pasted in the HTML gadget. You will find in two places the width and the height of the video. Modify as you please, it's very simple ;) I hope it's usefull.

handmaiden said...

such beautiful colours when its so cold...they would be good in a small collage so u could look at them in winter everyday....btw how often is the 3031 market?

SewHum said...

mmm. good question! soon I hope. The hall is having a few renovations. will post updates on my blog!