Saturday, May 2

To Market To Market

Next week is Mothers Day. So this weekend it's craft markets at every turn!
It was a beautiful Melbourne Autumn day. Bit chilly in the morning, but if you could find a spot in the sun....prefect.

My first stop was Yarraville Market run by the lovey Lou
It's on once a month - and definitely worth checking out.
I bought some honey for my mummy! It's from Urban Honey Co.
The honey is collected from around the local area - in fact they have such a low carbon footprint - the bees travel more miles to make the stuff. They deliver it on a specially made bike too. And they make candles & furniture polish. yummm.

Next stop was the new Substation Market in Newport (sorry Lou I had to see for myself). Saw a few stall holders I know. It was in the old - very cold substation - that the council have spend a lot of money on to look great.

Finally - and nearly marketed out I went to the Made N Thornbury market.
I enjoyed this one a lot. They had a bit of food, lots of crafty Melbourne people I hadn't seen before, and some I know of. It had a cosy community feel to it

These gorgeous cushions are made by
CravingFrocks and she will make them to order. Love 'em

I bought these cute little purses. The B&W on I believe is Japanese Family crests.

Mum is also getting one of Curlypops bookmarks

And how about these cuties by
Flickettysplits - I particularly like the doorstop in retro fabricsAnd Little Red Riding hood made by nettle & brier
I also saw selling their wears today Tania, Finki, TinnieGirl - who I met at the Stitches & Craft Show. Also there was ButtonsByLouLou.
It was a real bloggers market...which has got me thinking again....I better busy


Cravings Frocks said...

It was great meeting you! Doing the Thornbury market was lovely, it was my first. I thought of it as my 'training wheels' market - it's only $10 for a stall and everyone there is helping each other out. I only filled a stall because half the stuff was my mum's! So even if you think you're too busy to do a stall on your own there are ways and means...

P.S. I'm putting all my crafty blog entries on my Blogspot now.

CurlyPops said...

You took some great photos, and what a great day out...nothing better than a bit of crafty market shopping!

Flickettysplits said...

Hi there, it was lovely to meet you too! Thanks for the gorgeous picture too - wasn't it an absolutely fantastic market!

Tinniegirl said...

It was lovely to see you again. What a great day out you had.

Margaret said...

Hey! Enjoy your pouches, great to see you there. I have added you to my blogroll ...

Anonymous said...

Was great to see you again ! and dont worry, i also want to check out the Substation...just cant quite get there!
Thanks for the mention - so nice of you ! Isnt that honey fantastic.They had a great day!

Neen said...

Hey that is an excellent photo of my Little Red Riding Hood sisters, you should be my personal photographer from now on:)

13mimosa said...

I clearly don't get out enough - all these wonderful markets in my own town and I've heard of none of them. What am I dong with my time?!

handmade romance said...

Great post. Im feeling very inspired to do a market crawl now : )