Wednesday, November 12

sugar & spice .....slugs and snails

How hot was it today....and it's not even summer yet.
I feel guilty that I put the air conditioning on. But thanks to the previous owners lacks of forward thinking there is no insulation in the walls or roof.
It heats up too quickly.
Eliza's babushka
I have been busy on a little commission for the beautiful Eliza. She turns 1 this weekend. I have made her a set of nesting babushkas - but with a special touch....she has stunning red hair.....just like Eliza.

slugs and snails but no puppy dog tails When I was much younger that I am now I used to play a game with my brother.
After it rained we would collect a snail each.
We would stick them back to the wall.
Next too each other.
We would then race then up the wall.
I wonder if that's one of his memories too.


Allen said...

Hi, this is Allen from Beijing, China. Glad to drop by your place...Really a nice one.

Rebekka said...

Gorgeous cushion!!

I always rescue snails when it rains. Silly things sit on footpaths waiting to be squished.