Sunday, August 3

Can I pull this off...........

I am still trying to get my head around this blogging thing. I forget each time how I lay out my posts. Is that old age or just me!

When I was much younger that I am now I used to be a regular at this ......but it wasn't so public. It was in a diary that I kept under my mattress. Now they are all under my bed. I read them now and then, but they were pretty boring. At least I can put photos and pictures here, where as back then it was stickers and drawings with my latest coloured pencil that I'd saved up to buy.
This was from my garden a few weeks ago....I have quite a lot of lovely weeds growing in my garden.

My Rose Street Market venture wasn't as successful as I'd hoped. Claire (AKA Button Chick) and Meg (from Meg's Threads) did a bit better. I could blame it on the weather etc - but I think Stacey's correct when she said my stuff just isn't as 'edgy' as other artist there. I will persist for the next two and see how things go.

I have been thinking of my next big thing, and if I can pull it off, do I do it alone, with a group or not at all.....more to come on that one!

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Hollabee said...

Hi Fiona, lovely to see you online :)

The stuff we used for our floor is called Bon Crete and can be found in the builders section at bunnings (not the flooring section) You water it down heaps, something like 4 parts water 1 part Bon fine for a matte finish.