Thursday, August 7

Another week....gone!

The stall at Rose Street Market last week
I think it was maybe a bit too bright and colourful for Fitzroy

I am always amazed how quickly the weeks just pass by. Every Wednesday after school I'm stilling in the park watching the kids play the same old games, the local boys pass through on their way to footy training, and later after dinner I usually attempt to wash my nearly eight year olds hair without him soaking me!
As I mentioned I am planning a new direction in life. The more I dig the deeper I get tangled in the red tape. But I've got lots of pairs of scissors all over the house - and particularly the red sewing ones - so I'll just keep cutting each piece of red tape as I find it!
I had lunch the other day with the lovely Kaye (happy birthday love!) She showed me a little place she goes and buys furniture - Egan's. Bit tricky to find - along the edge of the Maribyrnong in the back blocks of Footscray (map on website so don't panic) They have auctions there every Tuesday at 10am.
The progress of the next market3031 is coming along. We are going to have a special fund raiser to buy insurance and advertising etc. It will be a 'swap' day. You pay $10, bring 10 pre-loved quality items (toys, books, clothes, Cd's & DVDs) and you get to take 10 new things home with you! Stay tuned for more details.
If you can read Portuguese - check out maçã riscada. It has beautiful things. I of course just look at the pictures!

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Nikki said...

Thanks for popping into my blog!

We must swing by ROse St some time soon, and will definately say hello if we see you!!!