Wednesday, February 29

My Mum

On February 16th 2012 my beautiful Mum left us.
After about 5 years of suffering through a horrible illness
her body finally had had enough.
I have now lost 2 parents in the last 3 years
It's a odd feeling. I am now the oldest in my family.
I certainly don't feel grown up enough!
All I feel is sad
I can't even voice how much I miss her.

Mum with Zoe
Mum & Dad - few months before their wedding in 1965
My Christening - 1968
Mum & the 3 wise men
(my brothers - Thomas, Edward & Peter)
Mum & I


sister outlaws said...

I'm so sad for you. I lost my Mum almost a year ago and still find my grief is very raw. Our parents are such a huge lynch pins in our lives, our history, our identity and our family. To lose them makes you feel very lost. And it does seem almost too huge too put into words. Even though we are relieved they are no longer suffering, it's still very hard. It's lovely to look at the photos of your Mum. Take care.

Vada said...

It is a sad and bewildering time, even when your loved one has been so ill. My heart goes out to you. My mother had a stroke at a still-active 93, and endured a difficult year before she left us. I still think of her every day, and she will always be such a huge influence in my life, as I know your Mom will continue in yours. Keep all those beautiful memories in the forefront. Vada