Tuesday, April 5

Flea Market Love

Long before I was old enough to drive I used to go on my bike to Camberwell Market. I would get there early as the sun was coming up. I wasn't ever looking for the same stuff as the 'dealers'. But the funny thing is I usually found what I was looking for.
Last time I was there I wanted a 'head' to put the hats on at work.
I was also on the hunt for a few vintage sewing baskets. Bingo... got 1 head & 2 baskets!

I do love a market - especially what they call a 'flea market'
imagine walking along the streets of Paris for a little treasure (not sure if I'd find any bargains with my French!)

Or popping over to the USA for a bit of hunt for that perfect little piece.

Might just have to stick with Camberwell at the moment.
I would love to hear where your favourite market is.

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