Saturday, October 16


Urban Home Swap, originally uploaded by Sewing Geek.

I had 53 comments
There were some great ones.
But I liked Megan's the best.

"i love this fabric! i remember seeing on ink and spindle's blog that someone had embroidered over it and added things like spiderweb's, creeping vines, trees and so on to the houses which i thought was a great idea!

if you could bear to chop into it it would look great sewn onto some cards and sent out as personalised moving house cards too - which i will be doing at the end of the year!'

You can check out her blog here..

The photo above is a bit of inspiration for everyone!


Sewing Geek said...

Oh wow, love your blog! Especially this post!! hehe Someone needs to tell me what I should do with this piece of fabric that I embellished. It's sitting hidden in my fabric stash and wants out! :)

Megan said...

thank you so much fiona! i'm very excited :)

sewing geek, you should frame it in a embroidery hoop. that's my plan with mine once i'm finished with it

MarĂ­a Cristina said...

Congratulations Megan!!!