Friday, May 14


I'm not dead......
just missing in action!
I have been sooooo busy.

I have sort of started a new life.

I am in the process of opening a new retail shop in Kensington!

More infomation to come.

In the meantime......

I love this. Found here


willywagtail said...

Terrific! I wonder if I could do this to the Ford. Don't think it would have the same impact though. Cherrie

Sophia Koulbanis Artist / Designer said...

How exciting. Good luck with everything! Will you be selling vintage stuff in your new shop? I love the artwork on the FIAT 500, Bambino!

rabbit and the duck said...

Ooooo that is exciting news! I'm totally guessing here but is it a handmade shop?

Casie said...

I'm loving the pared back look of the blog and the super sweet new header!

Good luck for your retail adventure. Can't wait to read more!