Thursday, December 3


Today while popping up posters for market3031 I stumbled across the Kris Kringle Night Market at the Northcote Town Hall.
I bought this little hair clip. Why you ask? Well I like to see what other people are creating, as well as to buy other peoples stuff.
This little clip was make by Cherry Stew. She also makes some gorgeous little outfits - but I have no little people to give these to at the moment.

Also in my travels this afternoon I stumbled across Local Shop. The place had a wonderful feel about it...and the smell was beautiful. It is a flower shop at the front and some fantastic products by some very cleaver locals at the back. They now stock Rabbit & the Duck stuff - who has some great photos of the Local Shop in her blog.
They are so new they don't seem to have a website.


tess said...

I think its time to start thinking about that shop-slash-craftlounge!

Casie said...

Ahh I have one of those brooches. Very similar to the one second on the left. I love it!