Saturday, November 28

a year gone....

Today is my brother Peters 40th Birthday!
Dad was visiting him in Cambodia when he died - a year ago today.

I lot has happened since then.
Today I found out our old beach house has been demolished.
That makes me feel pretty sad. It had so much character.
But the 'cashed up boggans' who now have it will build some horrendous McMansion to get better views of the ocean.

The 70's.
A time of velour, collars, hair.
The photo above is of Dad and Peter. Taken in about 1973.


Tania said...

How do you do a day like today? Breathe it all in and breathe it all out and find some how and where to hold still and catch your breath a while? Two awful tragedies of different proportions and my thoughts are with you. x

Hillsyde said...

Oh Fiona, I wish we had just one more knitting session in front of that fireplace. Glad we had the one we did.
Love Stace