Wednesday, October 14

keep cup

keep cup, originally uploaded by sewhum.

I got a keep cup!
As I recently calculated that my coffee habit of about 5 a week x $3 x 52 weeks can be a lot of cups .........this is my bit for the enviroment.


angela said...

I've been wanting one of those too - where did you get it?

Rebekka said...

Nice one! I just take my mug to the coffee shop, but I have a short black, so spillage on the way back is unlikely :-)

hillsyde said...

Ooh I want one too! I'm sure Vince would be happy to save on all those cups! Where can I get one? Starbucks have plenty but I refuse!

Casie said...

Go you! They're awesome. I use mine everyday. I just found that the removable silicon doesn't hold up so well in the dishwasher, but the cup and lid do.