Sunday, May 31

My most useful crafty tool is....

My artery forceps. They may not seem like the type of thing you would use when crafting...but believe me they are really handy. I use them if I need to turn some fabric inside out, poke stuffing into a tight corner, or get something suck in the vacuum (not really crafty - but handy)

I would love to see what your best crafty tool is.....let me know.
This could be the start of a very handy list.

I used them qutie a bit when making this little guy. I got the pattern from Patchwork on Central Park. It's one of many made by Melly & Me. He's for a new kid in town. Mr Luke Brown....arrived early Saturday morning.

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meg dunley said...

He is gorgeous & that is such a great idea using those for those tiny "turnouts" - got a spare one? Great tip Burnsy