Sunday, April 5

Today I went to Gilford Lane Gallery to the Creative Women's Circle. Was great to hear Lucy from Design Files talking. I love Melbourne - It's so 6 degrees of separation (or about 3). She had some great information about blogging and promotion - and she was sooo lovely.

On my long and multi-diverted walk back to the train station I went via Campbell Arcade. Always like to check out what's on at the Platform Gallery. The picture above is of Carl Scrase. He must love officeworks as much as me!
A few hours after I got home Judy (neighbour) popped in with some lamb chops & a small leg of lamb! How lovely. She wants me to try them out and spread the word. A friend of hers Jason is starting up a business - farm to you basically. Let you know what they are like. In the mean time - if you know how to cook lamb chops or a small roast ...............PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I aint no cook!


Sara said...

Ooh i might be too late to be of any help for the meat this time, but my favourite way to eat lamb, any lamb, is to marinate with a little lemon juice, dried oregano flakes, a little chilli if you like it, salt and pepper, olive oil and loads of garlic. just rub all the herbs and stuff into the meat and let it soak it up for awhile, doesn't really matter how long. then fry/grill up those chops and serve em with a salad! or chuck the roast in the oven with some potatoes around it and roast for about 40 minutes.

I'm so jealous, farm fresh meat is amazing!

Also, thanks for your kind comments on my blog about my pictures! Bless you! thanks so much.

.girl ferment. said...

sounds like a fantastic day.

SewHum said...

Sara - thanks. - I did marinate them in garlic, rosemary & oliveoil. But I will try yours next time!