Saturday, April 25


Yesterday it took me nearly 1 hour in traffic to get from Flemington to Carlton. These journeys help remind me to ride my bike more.
While in traffic the sky looked great - especially if your hoping for most of Melbourne is. Alas - only a few showers!

Progress on the baby blanket for new niece/nephew in Cambodia
I choose a mesh stitch from my new book
Thought I'd share it with you
Mesh Stitch
Multiple of 2 sts plus 1.
Start with an odd number of ch, plus 3 extra.
Foundation row: 1 tr into 6th ch from hook, * 1 ch, miss 1 ch, 1tr into next ch, rep from * to end, turn
Row 1: 4 ch (counts as first tr and 1 ch), miss (1 tr and 1 ch) at end of previous row, 1 tr into next tr, *1ch, miss 1 ch, 1 tr into next tr, rep from * to end, working tr at end of last rep into 3rd of 4ch at beg of previous row, turn.
This row forms pattern.


mizu designs said...

So excited to find you and your crochet book! I can't really knit but for some reason can sometimes manage my way around a crochet hook.

kitty said...

I love the texture that stitch creates.
& I'm definately going to try the soup you posted... yum.