Sunday, April 12

A few days away....

Happy Easter

We have had a few days away.
Queenscliff caravan park
It was great - lots of things for the kids to do.
Next over to Ballarat - to visit the family (his..not mine)
I was given a few hours off on Saturday to tour the area.
First stop

Found a new shop

The Elephant Patch
Embroidery classes, 'old' stuff and designer 'elephant patch' clothes.

Then onto
I popped into
Threadneedle Craft
Merrilyn was lovely - some great fabric & books in her shop

I suppose it was a long long weekend - but I was surprised at how busy the town was!
I then went over to the Hunters Mistress's
I saw some great stuff - especially liked these beautiful butterfly chrysalis.
My next spot was a bit off the track - in the back blocks of the town...
on East Street - in door 4

They had old featherstone chairs (above) and old post boxes from France (below)

It was in a huge old factory. So plenty of room for sandcastles?
I then popped into this lovely shopand got some wool there for my next project.


Tania said...

Hello there Sewhum...

I just found your blog via PigeonPair - and after a pootle around your place, wanted to say that I think it's excellent you are back on board in Blogland!

Anonymous said...

did you happen to see a price on the mailboxes? or get a phone number for that place? i'm now obsessed with owning them!!

SewHum said...

No didn't see a price - lot of things with no price.
It was next to a business called 'overwrought' - they have a webpage with map - they are shed 2 - this place was shed 4. It's worth the look!

Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

Oh, love that blue Featherstone chair... Oh, I wish I lived in Melbourne.

tess said...

Fiona you should be google-mapping these fantastic finds of yours!

Kristin said...

Loving that blue chair. Fabulous finds!