Sunday, November 2

Yesterday is history...Tomorrow a mystery

I heard that little quote on the radio today......I like it!
Today I did something I have not done for a very long time, ...........go to Camberwell Market. I used to go nearly very week, and I had forgotten how much I love it. The amazing amount of 'stuff ' on sale, the quirkiness's of it, and the continuity of it all. I didn't see Elvis, but there were a few old familiar faces. I have lots of fun bartering with stall holders.

Now how many of you take your sunglasses wearing poodle out for lunch?

I had to show you these amazing silver carriage and horses. They were Sterling silver and were about $200 if your interested.

And of course - babushkas

How many sewing baskets can your have? Maybe I'm starting a collection.

I did see Grace there - she's there every week until Chirstmas. If you get a chance pop down and see her.

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