Tuesday, October 14

A Crafty Melbourne

The blogging world is huge. So I have made a decicion to go local. There are so many creative, crafty people out there - I could spend all my days looking and not doing. All my links are Melbounre bloggers. If you are one and not on my list let me know - I love checking up on what's going on in our city.

Something coming up is Craft Victoria's
Craft Hatch. The City Library is hosting an incubator market for student and emerging craft designers. 8 November, 13 Decenber, 24 January. Have a stall, or pop in and check it out.
craft hatch - Craft Victoria


.girl ferment. said...

(secretly) i am not a melbourne blogger.
but i like being on your list...

Emma said...

Hey glad to hear that I'm not the only one with RSI, it really hurts!

Stacey said...

I look forward to checking out your list. As a fellow Melbourne blogger (I'm not on the list....), many of them are familiar, but some are totally new to me.