Wednesday, April 2

Well I'm not off to a good start - unless I plan of having monthly postings!

School holidays are coming to an end........yippee!!!!

Today we had a opp shop crawl along the Mornington Peninsular - until the wind and weather got out of control.

I am going to post a list of them all ....soon.

We (the kids and I) have had a fun packed few days.
On Sunday we went to a Skating competition - part of the South Eastern Skateboard League

Jack had a go and managed to stay on his board a few times....not bad for a 5 year old. Angus decided to 'just watch' but think he'll have a go next time.

I'm not sure if the kids like me knitting and crocheting while they skate....but what else do you do in between all the.."mum - watch this" and "hang on - I'll do it again"

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